Cumberland Co. Truthful Harness Racing Tuesday

Revealed on August 16 2022 9:34 am

Final Up to date on August 17 2022 6:23 am

Written by Millie Lange

There may be solely someday of harness racing on the Cumberland County Truthful and it is Tuesday. Posttime is midday.

Following are the races on the cardboard for at this time:

Race One

Illini 2-12 months-Previous Filly Tempo

Whole Purse: $2,888

1. Fox Valley Reagan (Cordarius Stewart), 2. Somehopesomewhere (Wyatt Avenatti), 3. Lilmslandshark (no driver listed)

Race Two

Illini 2-12 months-Previous Colt/Gelding Tempo

Whole Purse: $2,677

1. Rocket Social gathering (Archie Buford), 2. Brian’s Rockndawg (Freddie Patton Jr.), 3. Midnight Chrome (Wyatt Avenatti)

Race Three

Illini 2-12 months-Previous Filly Trot

Whole Purse: $2,739

1. Rnkslittlemissanne (Danarius Dortch), 2. Afterhoursjoint (Archie Buford), 3. Lous Lexi Lou (Cordarius Stewart)

Race 4

Illini 2-12 months-Previous Colt/Gelding Trot

Whole Purse; $2,975

1. Lt’s Fortunate Lad (Darla  Martin Lohman), 2. Smoknonopazazz (Cordarius Stewart), 3. Rnks Golden Boy (Jacob Roedl), 4. Social gathering Of City (Jamaica Patton), 5. Jammin’ Excessive (Archie Buford), 6. Lous Interceptor (Chris Brown)

Race 5

Illinio 3-12 months-Previous Trot

Whole Purse: $4,968

1. Windingcreekspirit (Jerome Daniels), 2. On Glide (Jerome Daniels), 3. No Present Jones (Jamaica Patton), 4. Aqua’s Bud (Darla Martin Lohman)

Race Six

Illini 3-12 months-Odl Filly Tempo

Whole Purse: $2,677

1. Shez Selfcontained (Robert Decker), 2. Miracles Hurry (Jacob Roedl), 3. Aniemaybombay (Jacob Roedl)

Race Seven

Illini 3-12 months-Previous Colt/Gelding Tempo

Whole Purse: $2,802

1. Ataway Bombay (Jordan Patton), 2. McDuo Pharlap (Nick Prather), 3. Choose For Your self (Wyatt Avenatti), 4. No Approach Bombay (Danarius Dortch), 5. Hondo (Cassidy Whitton) 

Race Eight

Filly & Mare Tempo, Division One

Whole Purse: $400

1. Joanie B (Jamaica Patton), 2. Picture Of A Seashore (Michael Johnson), 3. Kileydrinkstequila (Danarius Dortch), 4. Mystical View (Jamaica Patton)

Race 9

Filly & Mare Tempo, Division Two

Whole Purse: $400

1. Fortunate Cora (Cassidy Whitton), 2. Examine Truthful Voltage (Jamaica Patton), 3. Townline Massive Rock (Dale Kanitz), 4. Urarealleapoffaith (Michael Knicley), 5. The Fairly One (Jamaica Patton)

Race 10

Non-winner $5,000 Lifetime Trot

AE: Non-winner $1,000 in 2022

1. Stormato (Dandarius Dortch), 2. Swan’s Pastor (Nick Prather), 3. Hawkeye Dewey (Cordarius Stewart), 4. Bbr Woman (Cornelius Cavett), 5. Riet’s Child (Robert Decker)

Race 11

IHHA 3-12 months-Previous and Up Filly-Mare Tempo

Whole Purse: $1,650

1. Dancin Eyes (Cornelius Cavett), 2. Prettyfaceuglyways (Cordarius Stewart), 3. Kandi’s Fortune (Jordan Patton)

Race 12

IHHA 3-12 months-Previous & Up Colt/Gelding Tempo

Whole Purse: $1,700

1. Easy N Creamy (Jordan Patton), 2. Flying Marvin (Jacob Roedl), 3. Bc’s Tuftiger (Archie Buford), 4. Fox Valley B Gump (Wyatt Avenatti)

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